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    There is a simplicity of the social nature of people that is at the core of humanity. Most of us agree upon that. Looking beyond technology that continues to improve upon efficiencies of life, bringing local, national or global socializing to our fingertips, the base of what makes us us is us. The way we speak to each other and have the sit down conversations with people. The voice, the expressions, the inflections and the intonations that occur when we are with someone. I’ve always realized this, but in a lot of ways, have forgotten about the purity of that interaction amidst the IMs, Tweets, status updates and the location based shout outs. The initial vibe is that all the social technology extends the conversation as an eavesdrop, but the ultimate joy is still in seeing someone smile and laugh at a sarcastic comment, the crinkle in the nose, the look of whimsy that spreads across the face. It’s hard to judge just how good an “LOL” is over the pixels of a computer screen.

    I have a feeling I’ll find more of this as I venture out. The social net as a way to keep in touch. Keeping us a mouse click away. But that the joy is in the physical presence and emotion of the encounter. Small towns have a way of everyone knowing everyone. and getting all up in the biz-nass. Whatever you did would be known fairly quickly. Same as today, except that technology is the medium rather than the local barbershop of the good ole rotary phones. Good times.

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    1. ByronClaude - December 28th, 2010 at 1:37 am

      It is strange to remember the early eighties. There was a time that if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to literally go and locate them, get them in front of you, and speak to them. There was the CHANCE of catching them at a land-line… …and how overly convenient did that once seem?
      Nothing replaces one on one, I could not agree more. I hate that when I finally manage to get someone one on one… it is just a matter of time before their phone beeps and their attention is off to their new IM partner.
      I guess I too am just as guilty though. I guess there is not much left to do, other than to embrace this new technological age, in all its glory.

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